"Welcome to a place where you can meet the beauty and joy that life brought to me through my creations. All of them resemble an experience of my own life."

Embark on a unique journey with my Sausage Bear, a creation inspired by the joy of forest gatherings, crackling bonfires, and the sizzle of sausages. As the winter evenings unfold, let the Sausage Bear transport you to a realm of Arctic wonder and snowy forests.


All my ceramics are born from my own experiences. I want to share the joy and beauty I’ve experienced through my creations with you.


I am a Korean ceramist MiKi Kim and I live near the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Finland. As an artist, It had been a big impact on my life since I have moved here.

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A warm welcome to our shop & showroom at Suopolku 2, Posio.