Sausage Bear

Embrace Winter's Warmth

One of the first pleasant experiences here was when we went into the forest, made a fire, and grilled sausages. Around the same time, Ranzo the polar bear was born in the neighboring town. I combined these two things by creating a sausage bear. On long and dark winter evenings, you can enjoy the same atmosphere in the company of bear friends. Staring into the fire with the sausage bear, you cansense the Arctic and the wintry snow forest.

Snowy Owl

Timeless Elegance Unveiled

Here in Lapland, I got to know owls. Many animals and birds change their colors with the seasons. However, the snowy owl is light-colored throughout the year, reminding me of the Arctic and the courage to be oneself without fear of lightness. Black spots in the plumage make the bird truly cute and beautiful.

Woolen Socks

Wrapped in Warm Memories

Wool socks received from friends are always cherished gifts that carry warm memories with them. Choosing socks is always a pleasant moment. Every sock maker has their favorite colors, shapes, and techniques. Traditions also accompany wool socks. Once, an unknown lady walked into the store and gave me white owl-themed wool socks she had made. That moment was truly memorable for me. Someone thought of me so warmly! Inspired by these pleasant memories and experiences, I decided to create woolen socks for you from ceramics.

That's something I can do!