"I respect all of nature. The forest is my treasure trove, a constant source of inspiration. Drawing ideas from its ever-changing colors, scents, and shapes with the seasons, I create unique products that bring a touch of nature's wonders into your life."


I am a Korean ceramist and I live near the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Finland. As an artist, It had been a big impact on my life since I have moved here.

Posio residents call me “Miki.” I live and work in a cabin in the woods. Reindeer wander in front of the cabin to feed on grass. In my eyes, this place is a heaven that offers infinite inspiration. The woods that change every season; the alluring fragrance of the trees the bluish, crystal clear lake, the mysterious aurora and the pure white snow…

The natural scenery I encounter while walking in Posio always lays out a new narrative. Winter is a season that returns without fail but its repetition is really thrilling, new, and unique. It is for this reason that I work mostly with porcelain, which feels like white snow.

My blue-eyed Finnish neighbors are also really precious to me. They live as if part of nature and its trees, plants, and flowers, not like those who try to dominate it. They are shy and serious yet pure and warmhearted. My feelings toward them are often reflected onto my work as I observe them with joy. Their looks and expressions leave behind humorous impressions on my work.



I have started my ceramic studio in Kirintövaara, Posio since summer, 2012. Posio is an ideal location for professional ceramics production.

The inspiring nature is close and easy to access. Nature, silence and space are most important factors for ceramic design production. I came to Posio to create something new that is inspired by the colors, forms and presentations of the nature changing by the season. Especially snow, coldness, aurora and other Arctic features create powerful inspirations.

It's very nice to see the Arctic nature from the big window of my studio. I don't have art on my wall. But I have art in my windows because it's changing. Every day it's different. It make me peaceful feeling and I try to create the calm. Relaxed atmosphere to my studio and I love that when the studio is breathing.